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Pete’s strength in this area allows him to be an excellent mediator for mergers and acquisitions. He helps people to find a common ground, and to work from there.


Pete identifies, assesses and mitigates risks in business. He identifies potential issues and supports clients to resolve them.


Pete is driven to achieve, and he uses this intrinsic drive to assist others in achieving their goals and aspirations.


Facilitating results time and time again. Pete facilitated his first agency sale at the age of 29. Since then he has gone on to assist in several large scale and high calibre deals.

Building & Selling Successful Businesses

Pete worked alongside business partner Spencer Gallagher as Finance Director, building the business from £750k turnover in 2004 to sale in 2008 with a turnover of £3.5m. He mediated with accountants and lawyers on both sides of the sale, achieving a successful exit for Spencer.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advice and Guidance

In 2020, Pete assisted the founders of Wirehive in selling their business in an 8-figure deal. He dealt with all financial due diligence himself and managed relationships with the buyer to ensure everything ran smoothly, maintaining good relationships and confidence.

Building a Business from Scratch

Pete set up his own accounting business, building it from nothing to a turnover of £200k in one year. He learned how to market himself and his services, and would sell to new clients during the day while delivering the accounting work during the evenings.


Leading with empathy and intuition to understand, relate and communicate.

Empathy is a key driver in ensuring business success and this is where Pete excels. Engaging and approachable, Pete brings calm assurance and a sense of enjoyment.

Creating common ground and mutual support for successful M&A outcomes.

Guiding you on your journey to a positive M&A outcome with rock solid support and relentless determination, Pete is known for getting results time and again. He is the go-to guy for agency finance and M&A.

Bridging the creative and accounting worlds with easy to grasp insights and advice.

Pete’s approach is both relatable and understandable. He brings together the creative side of your business with finance and accounting, allowing for clear guidance and understanding.

Forward Thinking Expert

Pete is known for being a humorous and dedicated mediator who supports and inspires those who wish to exit or merge their agency. His intuitive approach allows you to feel in control and supported through whatever comes your way.

Positivity    Honesty    Expertise

Forward Thinking Expert.

Positivity | Honesty | Expertise
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